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Author Topic: Observation on new re-release  (Read 131 times)

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Re: Observation on new re-release
« Reply #15 on: July 03, 2019, 09:02:03 PM »
Besides the obvious GW, I think one of the other companies in the genre is Mantic with Warpath. They recently did a major overhaul in the last few years changing to an all box set format and dumping blisters for most of the lines. The newer game star saga is a similar idea with elite teams of mercs gong into facilities. Might be worth looking at if for no other reason than the contents of their box set.
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Re: Observation on new re-release
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Well I think the market is showing several trends right now. I think there are two distinct areas of competition. Funding and Audience.

KS has been funding a LOT of Board Games in the past few years. Companies have gotten wise to the board game market and are really using the platform as a massive pre-sales engine rather than its original  intent(new startups and providing "regular" people a source of funding). One one hand the board  game itself is the vehicle, but the MINIATURES and add-ons are designed to draw in the war gamer who wants the minis and associated terrain for other purposes. They get a much broader audience in this manner.  Personally I have supported many kickstarters for the miniatures alone and will NEVER play the game itself.

Basically, you will be competing for the dollars (and attention) with other companies, well developed, well funded, well organized kickstarters. Look at CMON (Zombicide, Hate, The Others).  If a company like CMON or Mantic is funding a slick board game with 100 miniatures, its going to be difficult not to be compared from a value perspective.
Take a look at the Hate Kickstarter
10,227 backers pledged $1,469,489 to help bring this project to life.

This is a board game with a massive number of miniatures and stretch goals included in its base price (120 Bucks). They expand sales by adding 25 Dollar bundles etc.

THe market is absolutely saturated with skirmish and hybrid wargames/boardgames like LOS. GW has 2-3 DIFFERENT games with different systems(Necromunda, Kill Team, Combat Arena, Underworlds) targeted at customers as entry level, lower cost (than a full 40K army). Some have alredy mentioned Star Saga and Warpath

A big company that in my opinion that is in direct competition is Corvus Belli's Infinity. They are at every convention, have a growing following, are retooling and remaking their old minis with new upgraded models. They are moving from walls of blisters to slick, colorful boxed sets with 2 factions and terrain. Their miniatures are quite frankly some of the most impressive the industry has to offer.
They have detailed fluff, well developed factions, standardized free rules online, free army builder software.

I would take a close look at what they are offering - especially with the 2 Factions sets. I believe that's the kind of focus we need for an LOS resurrection.

Main Site

2 Faction Sets (these are amazing in quality)


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Re: Observation on new re-release
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I think they look pretty good. The letters seem to blend into each other, maybe a less beefy font. What about hero points or kneeling?


FIXED the font
ADDED Leadership/Kneeling
REMOVED a couple doors (REVISED scenarios to suit)
COMPILED Marco's rules, my counters/scenarios, Charles' unit tokens into one file

...end result:

LoS Demo Pack (it resides under the Scenarios section of Media)

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