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Author Topic: Looking for UNE Troopers  (Read 837 times)

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Looking for UNE Troopers
« on: October 19, 2014, 08:32:33 AM »
I am looking to buy/trade for some UNE Commando Troopers.  Basically the same guys that come in the base set.

I would like 6 of the regular Commando Troopers and 3 of the Commando Heavy Weapons with Plasma Projector.  Painted or un-painted are fine by me.

I have the following for trade/sale and all are still in the blister pack.  The number at the end is the SKU number as printed on the blister pack:
Fantasian    Riot Politz 3244
Fantasian    Drop Troopers with AK & PowerSpike 3250

Infranite   Warriors   3400
Infranite   Heavy Weapons Warrior    3420
Infranite   War Leader in Diamond    3421 - Still in blister but the top part where the peg hole is has been torn off.
Infranite   Volcano BAP 3440 x2 - Still in blister but the top part where the peg hole is has been torn off.
Infranite   Frog BAP   3441
Infranite   Recce Warriors    3480

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Re: Looking for UNE Troopers
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2014, 11:29:31 AM »
Damn, damn, damn.... very tempting. If I had any excess UNE I'd be all over that. Sadly, UNE is my most complete force, but no real spares. I did see the Black Box come up on eBay not too long ago, and there a re a few UNE figures in eBay stores.

Of course, if you're only looking for trades that doesn't help you :(