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Author Topic: Legions of Steel for tablets will be published by Slitherine  (Read 751 times)

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Hi everybody,
This update to let you know that LoS digital game will be published by Slitherine, a British publisher specialized in wargames (if you guys have played Panzer Corp or Battle Academy you know exactly who they are). Of course this is a tripartite agreement between Clark, Nyx and Slitherine. When the publisher approached us we sent them an Alpha build of the game. They immediately understood the product and where we wanted to go with it.
I finally had the time to meet them in person at their annual event, the Home of Wargamers, that took place in Italy two weeks ago. All the developers Slitherine is currently working with were attending. It was pretty awesome to exchange with everybody, especially with Philippe from Ageod, with whom I had the honor to share the drive from France to Italy. His studio is doing very deep historical wargames on PC (they were presenting a game taking place during WW1, and Hannibal, a game about… take a wild guess… the 2nd punic war). I hope we’ll have the opportunity to do a game together :)
Bradley Cumming reported about the event here, and Adam Solo from space sector here.

Back to LoS. We made great progress and have about a dozen playable scenarios. The programmers are currently coding the AI, while the graphic artists are refining the visuals. I can now announce we will implement a system for Electronic Warfare. Players will be able to choose to opt-in for EW if they want to, it will not be a default option. The system will be a bit different from the original one. Next step, around June 10th, will be the integration of the online asynchronous multiplayer system.

Slitherine’s product page is here, but it has not yet been updated with the latest information. It should be soon, with the specs, target platforms and a list of the main features. I'll let you know when it's up to date.

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Re: Legions of Steel for tablets will be published by Slitherine
« Reply #1 on: May 27, 2014, 11:26:21 PM »
Excellent news guys! I am impressed so far with your commitment to making a great tactical game.

If this goes well, make a tower defence game for the LOS universe ;)