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Legions of Steel is a Miniature Wargame created by Clark Browning, Marco Pecota and Derrick Villeneuve simulating futuristic combat between power-armoured troopers. A future where the League of Aliens and their fledgling human allies have banded together to defend this galaxy from the invading Machines. While the Machines want nothing more than the annihilation of all organic life, the League of Aliens struggles to hold a unified defence as internal strife threatens to break them apart. With battles raging everywhere from the surface of occupied alien worlds, to inside the twisting corridors of the Machines' underground production facilities, only tactical cunning can assure victory.

While the game began as a single, self-contained boardgame using interlocking die-cut tiles (simulating Machine production facilities), it later added multiple supplements that greatly expanded the scope of play, even adding rules for tabletop play (simulating outdoor environments). Supplements also detailed everything from new units to entire new factions, along with many optional rules for expanding the depth of gameplay.

Game Versions

The base Legions of Steel game was released in two different versions, commonly referred to as the Black Box (original release) and the Blue Box (later, revised release). While the two boxed sets both included die-cut templates and counters, they differed significantly in their other contents, with the Blue Box providing a completely different selection of miniatures from the original Black Box edition. Missions in the Blue Box were also altered to account for the changes in available miniatures, and the rules were updated to include both errata and some optional rules from available supplements. An additional release, called Planetstorm, was also made available, but was a stand-alone book. Planetstorm covered rules and force lists for playing above-ground scenarios as a table-top game using scale scenery.

Legions of Steel

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