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We ask that you respect our forum and site rules by adhering to the following guidelines:

1 Do not share, trade, or distribute in any manner here, any copyrighted material, without the express written consent of the owner.

To clarify: This includes posting stat-lines, point costs and such found in the rulebook that you are using. Totals for a unit is OK, but cost per model, upgrade, weapon or such is not OK.

1.1 The exception to the above concerns official Legions of Steel materials (basic rules, blue box Rules of Engagement, Scenario Pack, Advanced Rules, Alien Sourcebook, Junction Point, Planetstorm, figure designs, map templates and counter sheets layouts) which, as of 1996, are copyrighted by Clark Browning.

a) Members may cite Legions of Steel materials for the purposes of discussion.

b) Legions of Steel Materials posted by Clark Browning may be downloaded and distributed for personal use on a non-commercial basis.

c) Draft materials (ie. new for Legions of Steel, but not yet published or official) posted here by Clark Browning are copyrighted by him, but may be downloaded and distributed on the same (personal use) basis.

d) Rule 1.1 may be rescinded on notice from the copyright holder.

2 Spam is not tolerated on this site.  Spam is any post that does not add something constructive to the topic at hand, and often takes the form of a one-line reply.  Excessive use of smileys is a form of spamming, and will be treated as such.

3 Do not share your account or password to this site with anyone- even spouses, siblings, friends, et cetera. Membership accounts are free and, as such, every contributing member may have a single account.

4 In an attempt to keep this site safe and enjoyable for everyone, there are a few rules here that we'd like you all to respect and keep in mind:
   a) Please do not use racist slurs, prejudiced comments, profanity, or derogatory statements.

   b)Outside of the exceptions noted below, swearing is allowed. Members who find swearing objectionable can use the forum auto-censor.

   c) Evading the auto-censor by using punctuation marks or purposefully misspelling words is considered an offense.

   d)Do not initiate arguments of a personal nature, be courteous, do not flame others.  You may argue and debate, but must remain courteous even if you believe he is full of it.  This place is to help others, and to reach out for help, let's keep it that way.

   e)Please put a warning on all material that could upset other members.

   f) Do not dig up old threads unless it is a Sticky thread or you have something profound to add to the discussion.  Consider that some of the active boards move more quickly than others, and would be more disrupted by digging up old threads; also consider that the purpose of some threads may be served more quickly than others. The key thing is that you should be contributing in an important fashion to the thread or re-triggering discussion for an important reason.  If your post does not fit either of those categories, then avoid posting in a thread if, as a rule of thumb, the thread is around a fortnight or more dead or it has left the front page of the board.

   g) Post a new topic only in one place; cross-posting will not be tolerated.

   h) No thread bumping.  Everyone deserves to have their army list read and given feedback, but that does not always happen immediately.  Bumping your own thread or other's hijacks front page time from active threads.

   i) Do not hijack threads or make off-topic replies.  If you have something you wish to say that is not related to the topic being discussed, make a new thread if the topic is substantial enough.

5 Members that do not follow these rules will be issued a warning and have the offending post removed. Continual disrespect for our rules will result in that account being banned. Keep in mind that your activity on this board is monitored. If you are unsure about making a certain post, or activity on this board, please discuss it first with a Staff Member (Staff Members include Moderators, Global Moderators, and Administrators).  Do not take matters into your own hands and comment on others' behaviors, use the Report to moderator button instead.

6 No unauthorized advertisement. You must contact an Administrator for permission to advertise a website other than the Legions of Steel Forum.  Putting a link and/or banner ad within your signature is the only form of advertisement that is allowed without permission.  However, all other rules still apply to how this advertisement is constructed (such as signature limits); it is prohibited to link to pornography or content that can damage computers or data such as viruses.
Note: Posting a link to an outside site that is in context or in answer to the thread is acceptable.

7 There is a limit to how large your signature can be:
   a) Images can be no wider than 500 pixels and no taller than 150 pixels.
   b) Multiple images may be used so long as they don't exceed 150 pixels total height and are no wider than 500 pixels. Stacking text over/under/between images with a total of 150 pixels in height is not acceptable either.
   c) There are no restrictions on the amount of text you can use besides the limit of 500 characters which is preset in the forum software. Do not, however, format your text in such a way that it is obnoxious.
   d) Images used on this site should be less than 200KB.

8 Do not use obnoxious formats when posting or in signatures.  Examples:  
Hello, I like Machines like I like my cherry pie, red and messy!
Hello, I like Machines like I like my cherry pie, red and messy!!!!!!!!!
Hello, I like Machines like I like my cherry pie, red and messy!
He77o, I LiKe mAChiNez lIKe I LIKe mY ch3rRY PIe, re]) & me$$y!

9 Do not serial post/double post.  If you have added a reply to a discussion and wish to add more to it, but not one else has replied yet, use the to update your existing reply.

10 Before posting for the first time, please read through the Sticky posts in this forum, as well as any other forum you wish to post in.

A guide to the BBC code used here:
How To Use Bulletin Board Coding (BBC) [how to post an image, and more]

We'd like to stress :: Our community consists of players of all ages and from all walks of life, and that includes teenagers, and even some pre-teens. That said, we would like to see less swearing on our boards, including: @#%$, pissing, tuna melt, Oh Sh*t, F**k the questions, WTF, etc. Sure, these are 'acceptable' words (because they are censored) and some even said on TV, but it doesn't mean they're right.  

We understand that there are times when there is indeed something that causes so much excitement or grief in you that you just have to blurt out a swear word, but this need not be so often, and certainly not all the time. We'd prefer if it is kept in to a minimum.

Thank you for reading and respecting our rules.