Non-powered Infantry in Legions of Steel
Originally posted on mlangsdo's page
An unplaytested idea on how to use non-powered infantry figures in Legions
of Steel (at least until the real rules come out in Stormfront).


The basic non-powered infantry frame is:
-2 GM (weak armor)
Walk 4/Run 8/Sprint 12
UPV:  7

  • The Infantry frame is immune to EMP.
  • The Infantry frame may be upgraded to a -1 GM with ballistic armor,

but it loses its Sprint capability.
  • The Infantry frame may not be equipped with Energy or Heat weapons

due to its inability to incorporate a fusion power pack.
  • The Infantry frame is not as strong as Powered Infantry; it receives a

weapon's CC modifier at all ranges.
  • The Infantry frame is unencubered by Powered Armor and is harder to

pick up
on sensors, therefore it is able to take better advantage of cover--all
cover modifiers are doubled against Direct Fire weapons (so hiding around a
corner gives +2 instead of +1 cover, and woods give +1 per 1" instead of +1
per 2").  Note that this advantage does not pertain to Obscurement devices
or to AOE attacks.
  • Infantry may not use Heavy Deadbolt Launchers, Wrist Rockets, Tokarev

Heavy Pistols, or any weapon with a -3 CC modifier.

Generic Weapons
Weapon         ROF  PB+  PB   S   M    L    X   UPV Cost   
Machine Pistol  2    -    -   -   -    10   15  10 PS/10 LOS
(flechette Pistol)
SMG             2    -    -   -   3    15   25  20 PS/25 LOS
Assault Shotgun 3    -    -   -   -    10   20  20 PS/27 LOS
Assault Rifle   1    -    -   -   -    25   35  20 PS/20 LOS
(Deadbolt Launcher)
Flamethrower+   2    -    -   5   10   15   20  20 PS/26 LOS
Machine Gun*    2    -    -   -   -    -    25  20 PS/25 LOS
(AK Rifle)

+Affects impact and surrounding 8 squares.  Scores a kill on 6+.  Continuous
burn-see rules.
*the Machine Gun may be attached to a Gyroscopic Harness.  This increases
it's attack value by 2 (Medium out to 25) and reduces the figure’s movement
to Walk 3/Run 6 (no sprint option).

Examples:  The Colonial Marines
Marine:  27 PS/32 LOS UPV
-1 GM
Walk 4/Run 8

Smartgunner:  27 PS/32 LOS UPV
-1 GM
Walk 3/Run 6
Machine Gun

Flamethrower:  27 PS/33 LOS UPV
-1 GM
Walk 4/Run 8

Any energy or heat weapon may be operated by two figures simultaneously as
per normal e-loader rules.  The e-loader may not fire a secondary weapon,
however, as he is too busy monitoring the power generator for dangerous heat

Crew Served Weapons
2 Infantry figures may both operate a crew-served weapon, which is any
ordinance weapon with a CC of -3 or more.

Both Infantry figures must always be in base-to-base contact, or else the
Crew-Served Weapon is dropped.

It costs a stationary fire action from both Infantry figures to set up a
crew-served weapon.  As long as the two Infantry figures remain in
base-to-base contact and stationary, the crew-served weapon may be fired

The infantry figures may break down the crew-served weapon at no cost, by
simply moving.

The cost of Infantry figures carrying a crew-served weapon is the cost of
two Infantry frames plus the cost of the weapon.

Generic Crew Served Weapons
Weapon     ROF    PB+  PB   S   M    L    X     UPV Cost   
ATGM*       1      -   -    -   -    75   -     20 PS/5 LOS
MMG         3      -   -    -   25   40   55    31 PS/31 LOS
*Overkill - 2 dice at 5+

Plasma Team:  39 PS/80 LOS UPV
-1 GM
Walk 4/Run 8
Plasma Projector+E-loader

ATGM Team:  34 PS/19 LOS UPV
-1 GM
Walk 4/Run 8

Machine Gun Team:  45 PS/45 LOS UPV
-1 GM
Walk 4/Run 8
Medium Machine Gun