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[LegionsOfSteel] Spring cleaning (figs for sale)
« on: May 21, 2014, 12:57:07 PM »
Posted by: michigansahd at gmail dot com to the Legions of Steel Yahoo Group...

Doing a little spring cleaning. It's basically a couple copies of the core game, plus Planetstorm, the Scenario pack, and some extra models. The tiles in one copy are loose (but I think they are all present), the other are still in shrink wrap. I believe that one or two of the models may have missing parts (predators and the UNE small models), and one of the Nightmares was miscast, and has only half an arm. Some of the models are painted, some are still bare and unassembled. I have tried to inventory them as best I can, but it has been some time since I last played the game.

Black Empire
2 Adrax Takkar (I know this is correct, since they are still in the package)

8 Riflemen
2 Shock Trooper
2 Angel Eater
1 Tank Killer

1 MK III A1 Assault Fiend
4 Gremlin
24 Nightmares
1 Nightmare w/ Scattergun
3 Nightmare w/Tumper
1 Nightmare of unknown type
1 Scorpion
3 Stalker
1 Succubot
1 MK II Assault Fiend
1 Sniperbot
5 Predator
1 MK I Assault Fiend

8 Recce (or possibly Recce Commando)
28 – PI Trooper, could be Commandos
3 Heavy Assault Troopers

I want to move all the LoS stuff in one lot. Cash-wise, I'd like to get $225 USD or so for it, plus shipping.

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Re: [LegionsOfSteel] Spring cleaning (figs for sale)
« Reply #1 on: May 28, 2014, 02:57:57 PM »
unfortunately, he didn't reply to my mail :-(