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At the edge of darkness something stirred. As the Milky Way turned, its edges crackled, and with an explosion, the Machine fleet emerged.

Damaged, but not destroyed, the fleet sought planetfall to rebuild and expand.  The Machines needed the resources to self-replicate, as they were programmed.  And then they could move from planet to planet to strip each one of their resources and expand, as they were programmed.

The massive distances and damaged jump drives dictated a timeline of decades or even centuries to continue their quest.  But they had time, and could wait to rebuild before seeking out that which they came here for.

The Overlords slumbered.  The Matrix entity kept a tenuous connection to coordinate the tasks at hand.  With planetfall, an Overlord would awaken.  And then another, and then another.  It was all simply a matter of time.

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Patterson put down the phone and walked from the living room to the kitchen.  Rachel was finishing the lunch dishes.  She dried her hands and turned towards him.

“I got the call” he said.

She hung the towel on the fridge door.  “When and where?”

“This weekend; Afghanistan” he said, leaning against the doorframe.

She moved to him for a hug with a loving yet cynical smirk. “Again? Well Sergeant, I have a late shift at the hospital today, but that leaves Friday for us to have a private – uhm – going away party. Six months?”

“The Great Game continues.  I have to get back but they’ll give me the next couple of days off to get things in order so I can report 0800 on Saturday.  I guess we have a date.  And yes, it looks like six months.”

“Come back in one piece.”

“I always do.  I’ll only be half a world away.”

If he had to, he would fight his way across the galaxy to get back to her.  She was the only thing in his universe that made any sense.