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Author Topic: New 3D Modular Terrain KICKSTARTER  (Read 1362 times)

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New 3D Modular Terrain KICKSTARTER
« on: September 20, 2021, 01:05:52 PM »
The GRID 3d Modular Terrain – Future/Modern set
We are proudly preparing to launch our first Terrain Kickstarter for The GRID 3D Modular Terrain system.  The first Genre Set we will be our Future/Modern Genre variant.
This architecturally designed Future/Modern Set, suited for 28mm scale and up, is meticulously crafted from precisely cut laser etched 3mm HDF. It is super easy to assemble and with a customizable setup able to create thousands of variations. You can easily seal the terrain with a varnish coat if painting is desired!  The terrain also features ledges on the walls where players can place game counters or status markers, making for a clean and more appealing gaming area.
The design provides an engaging combative environment, for the creation of scenario play set in popular Future/Modern locations. Ships, Bunkers, Labs, Facilities and more can be easily created. Whether your scenario is in Space, Terrestrial, Under Ground, or Under Water the Grid 3d Terrain will fit your games’ atmosphere and needs.
Whether encountering, Aliens, Terrorists, Zombies, Freakish Experiments, Unknown Species, Supernatural and Trans-dimensional beings with intent on painting the GRID red with your blood, you will always be able present your game the way you always wanted to.
In addition, we are providing a free set of rock-solid core rules in PDF format; The GRID Tactical Combat Engine (The GRID TCE). As our range of 3D Genre Sets expand, players will be able to enjoy a host of different settings and styles of miniature play without having to constantly learn a new game system.
It will be up to you as the designer of each new game session within the GRID to push the limits of each Genre Set. The GRID TCE is an action adventure just waiting to happen and will help you create a host of different tabletop narratives.
Good Luck player, join us on Facebook and share your ideas with the community.