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Zenobia, the Infranite Hero
« on: December 04, 2020, 01:08:13 PM »
Here is Zenobia along with her background lore written by Wes. Sculpt by Ludwik.


Zenobia of the Paache was born well after the glories of Planetstorm and the first campaigns against the Legions of Steel. She was raised on the tales of the coups achieved by her tribal elders in the wars against the Machines and loved gazing at the trophies displayed in the Lodge of Heroes, imagining herself as a brave warrior in battle.

While the common perception of Infranites is of a taciturn, reserved people, concerned with their code of honour, the Paache are the exception. Paache are far more gregarious and open than the other tribes, and their interpretation of the honour code tends to scandalize other Infranites. Zenobia's tribe prefers fast, rapid strikes, and has a low regard for military formality. The Paache sense of humour shows up in combat in the form of ambushes and other traps, often overly complex, that have the feel of a practical joke's punchline. Sneaking into a Fantasian camp and loosening the lug nuts on the quad runners wheels, before triggering a pursuit, and watching the drivers tumble across the landscape is a fair example of Paache humour. Far less acceptable, especially to the Krayl tribe, is their habit of trying to make other units working with them look like idiots. A poorly thought out prank at the expense of the Krayl BAPs during the Junction Point Incident not only damaged the relationship between the tribes but prevented the allied forces to achieve their goals. The Krayl have neither forgiven nor forgotten the insult to their honour.

Unlike the majority of the Infranite military, Zenobia was not born into the warrior caste. At 12 years old she was recognized as worthy. Her home world of Pentar was hit by a Tenskin raiding force out for loot, slaves and prey. Their initial strikes hit during the time of clan celebrations, when the population was concentrated and preoccupied. The single war party that was on guard fought valiantly but faced being overrun in minutes and were reduced to selling their lives for as high a cost as they could.

Remembering the tactics described by her sisters and aunts in their stories, Zenobia acted quickly to gather as many of the children as she could and led them into the wilderness. She quickly organized her peers, hiding the youngest in caves and small canyons with older children to watch over them. She made use of the older adolescents to scout their back trail and set traps. Zenobia not only took charge, but she calmed the children by presenting their situation as a game; an opportunity to impress their elders with their Paache spirit and bravery. Fortunately, the Tenskin were raiders, and not an invasion force; they were there to grab what they could and escape before the Infranites mobilized. Children armed with rocks and knives, no matter how brave, would have had little chance against the predatory Tenskin. When the grandmothers finally reunited with them, they were greeted by a girl barely losing the orange colour of childhood. She was flanked by several Tenskin heads on spears, Zenobia's first trophies.

Zenobia was inducted into the warrior caste, where she fit in like she had been born to it. Despite her clear leadership qualities, Zenobia was disinterested in being an officer; she had already decided being a non-com was the extent of her desire to lead. Besides, officers had fewer opportunities for fun as being a trooper did.

Luckily for her, fate gave her a chance to combine fun and insulting the Krayl while showing off her skills. A small Krayl village bordered the training base included several warriors. She secured her slot in the powered infantry by leading her training clan off base and infiltrating the village, counting coup by stealing the helmets of their rival's armour and returning to barracks before roll call.

The fact that the fallout from the angry and heavily shamed Krayl resulted in her being written up as unfit as an officer candidate only made the thrill of success sweeter.

Zenobia has served in the Infranite military for five years. She has served on a variety of deployments, fighting Tenskin, Fantasians, and the Legions of Steel. No matter the duty, whether in a garrison on the planet Home by the Sea, or recapturing a mining platform hijacked by Fantasian privateers, Zenobia fought with verve and elan. To date, her favourite tour was serving with the humans of the UNE. Humans were the first aliens she had met she could honestly relate to. Many of them had a flair for audacity, enjoyed the black humour of combat and valued her talent for improvised tactics.

Zenobia seeks to earn a valued place in Paache society by avenging the loss of a war party killed by the Terrible Tyger. This Machine was hated by her tribe not only for killing their sisters, but for ruining the trap being set for Wrath. She has taken to using any of her leave time to hunt the trail of the Tyger and would consider scuttling her career for the chance to face it.

Zenobia wears a customized suit of Sierra PBA, not as fast as Falcon Recce PBA, but with more armour and still sprint capable. In close combat, the combination of her arm blades and skill in Corpo Repo allows her to batter down most opponents with ease. For heavier targets, she relies on her Tempest AR or SSRP launcher.

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