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Zippy - Our New Hero
« on: December 04, 2020, 01:05:44 PM »
Zippy, Zero and One

The origins of Zippy, a unique G1H Nightmare, must begin with the story of Zero and One, a pair of renegade Gremlins with a penchant for adventure.

Zero and One are, themselves, unique among the Legions of Steel. Zero is actually one of the longest surviving member of the Machine hordes. Zero is more than a repair bot, Zero is creative. Zero innovates. Zero improves the Machines it works on, whether it is required, or not.

Zero was originally part of the repair systems for a Machine asteroid base, it was the only survivor after a Fantasian assault. Its systems scrambled by an EMP blast, it crawled into a wall space, and shut down.

Some time later, it became aware again, and aware that it was aware. Which was different. What was not different was the need to build and repair, to express its purpose. But now, there were all sorts of new purposes that it had not been ware of before the Gauss grenade went off. At first, Zero attempted to repair the base's systems, before it realized the magnitude of the job ahead of it required more workers. Cannibalizing several destroyed Gremlins, Zero used the parts to create what it considered the optimal partner, One.

Due to enhancements of its pattern recognition software, One is always able to find the parts and materials Zero requires, sometimes before Zero is even aware of what is needed. It works tirelessly to make sure that its stockpiles are always up to date and have a few surprises in store.

Zero and One rejoined Legion forces in the inner system by converting an anti-shipping missile into transport, crossing half the system to do so. The Gremlins managed to avoid having their quirks noticed and were assigned to a planet bound Gremlin pack.

Zippy began as a standard G1H Nightmare, assembled nearly 100 years ago. Its hundred year survival alone, compared to the average lifespan of a Nightmare in combat, sets it apart from nearly every other G Class variant in existence.

Zippy would have likely ended up as scrap early on, save for a chance encounter with Zero and One. Zippy was damaged and incapacitated many times, although never completely destroyed, always somehow making its way back to a repair facility. The third time Zippy somehow made it back to base despite heavy damage (clawing its way back with its remaining arm, missing everything below its thorax), it caught Zero's attention. Fascinated by the G1H's tenacity, the Gremlins payed special attention to it, giving it the first of a long series of modifications. Over the years, the Gremlins bonded with the Nightmare. Zero was so obsessed with the Nightmare's care that it regularly followed Zippy into battle.

This constant close attention from the Gremlins has seen Zippy change enough that he is nearly impossible to mistake for a regular G1. Unlike many Nightmare models, Zippy has two arms, and does not carry a firearm. Instead, Zippy is loaded with a variety of grenades and a combat blade. Over the years, his ground movement has steadily increased, making him one of the fastest units on a battlefield. Zippy uses its speed to make lightning attacks before darting away to safety and setting up the next ambush. In a complex, this speed makes it a literal nightmare, capable of making use of access ways to rapidly outflank intruders while avoiding getting pinned down and destroyed. It has a knack for using grenades or other small objects as distractions from one direction, before gutting a target from another.

It has been observed using any type of grenade available, including those of organic races. Gauss, Force wall, Plasma, Nachtmacher; if the grenade is in production anywhere, Zippy will have some. Rumour has it that Zippy is fast enough to catch and throw back attackers grenades. For a Nightmare, Zippy has an unnatural grasp of tactics and terrain awareness, using local surrounding's characteristics to maximize its speed advantage.

Over the years, Zippy has taken a number of shots to the head, giving Zero many opportunities to tweak its’ programming. This likely explains its idiosyncrasies, and possibly those of Zero and One as well. All three Machines share the disturbing trait of having nearly human body language, albeit that of a profoundly disturbed individual. Humans and Fantasians both find this disconcerting, while Infranites find it hilarious, right up until Zippy stabs them in face.

Zippy is the first Machine ever sighted with a wardrobe. For the last forty years, at least, he has sported a high collared dust cloak. He seems to have an attachment to a particular style, although changes in wardrobe colour indicate several replacements have occurred over the years. It has several pouches for grenades, as well as a bandolier. There has been no verified proof that Zippy has been known to wear a hat, however.

The trio have been observed operating anywhere there is a Legions of Steel presence. Over ninety years, they have taken part in many battles and skirmishes. Zippy terrified the Fantasian infantry on Waterhole, harassing them relentlessly during the night, killing many troopers as they slept, with both grenades and blade.

Zippy and his entourage have been spotted in the Abandon Region but their last known whereabouts are unknown.

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