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Wrath and Reason
« on: December 04, 2020, 01:01:26 PM »

Wrath and Reason

Built on a modified and upgraded second generation Succubot chassis, Wrath and her six siblings were the result of a Bloodlord class Overlord's desire for tactical flexibility. To this end it created a cadre capable of autonomous operations within enemy systems.

Seven Omega class Succubots were created, each with a distinct personality. Drawing upon the cultural and psychological data gained through processing captives through the psi-vaults, the Bloodlord designed each unit to embody the traits of the seven deadly sins. The resulting Omega units proved too strong willed and independent to cooperate with each other. It was not very long before open conflict occurred during one of the early operation. Any temptation by the Bloodlord to further explore or modify the concept design was removed when the omega Succubot Pride destroyed the fabrication and research base they were constructed in.

It was betrayal from one of Wrath’s siblings that caused her to break what loyalty she had to the Legions of Steel. Ordered by the Bloodlord to assist Pride in the taking of an Infranite orbital base,

she narrowly escaped destruction when Pride scuttled the station while she was still aboard. Trapped in the wreckage, Wrath concluded the the only way to avoid exploitation and betrayal was to be loyal only to herself – she would further Legion goals only when it also served her own interests. She was finally freed from the wreckage by a first generation C1 Succubot and its horde. Enraged when the C1 did not automatically accept her authority, Wrath struck it down in front of its cohort, and once more demanded fealty form the Machines. Taking their transport, Wrath and her newly acquired forces fled the system.

Wrath began to rely on her minions more heavily, becoming especially fond of her Predators due to their firepower and toughness in battle. When they were destroyed by a Black Empire Storm Angel, getting her favourites rebuilt, rather than replaced, became her priority.

Eventually, she crossed paths with Zippy, Zero and One. She recognized the aberrant nature of these three Machines, who had modified themselves well beyond Machine norms. She struck a deal with them. In exchange for the rest of her salvaged parts, and providing transport to the Abandon system, Zero and One were to rebuild the Predators for her use.

Zero and One, from a safe distance, eventually presented Wrath with a single rebuilt Predator, claiming to have needed to use both wrecks to assemble one complete unit. Taking this as another betrayal, and unable to reach the Gremlins directly, she inflicted her wrath upon the Predator before her. The Predator, without actively fighting back, withstood her tantrum, accepting her attacks while avoiding being destroyed. It fought defensively, never taking advantage of her frenzy or openings she gave it. Instead, it used just enough power to negate her anger. When her anger finally subsided, she realized the Predator's resilience and temperament made it her perfect companion.

Over time, it displayed a skill for quashing Wrath's flaring temper. Recognizing the value in its attitude and ability to calm her excesses, she named it Reason.

Wrath has a particular dislike for Infranites and especially hates the Paache tribe. Their love for pranks in the form of ambushes and traps drove her into a burning fury when she encountered them. On Wiley's World, a group of Paache scouts led her across hundreds of kilometres of desert while avoiding direct combat at all times. During her pursuit, Wrath commandeered a handful of Nightmare she used to reinforce her horde of machines.

For their part, the Paache had stopped playing after the first two days when they realized this Succubot was far more capable than a first generation model. They were faster but could not lose her. Despite their efforts, they watched her retinue grow. They swallowed their pride and called for help. An Assault Group of BAPs (Bipedal Assault Platforms) were dispatched to provide a killing blow.

When Wrath finally caught up, it was to find a scene of carnage. Parts of bodies and PBA littered the sands, covered in swarms of nipper beetles. Gloating in the midst of the slaughter stood the Terrible Tyger. Caught between rage at having her prey stolen, and terror at encountering such an awesome engine of destruction, Wrath could only swallow her frustration and watch as the Tyger turned its back on her with a contemptuous lack of concern and loped back into the wastes.

This was the beginning of Wrath's fascination with the Tyger, she wanted the reputation and power of the Omega Fiend, or at least to direct it at her enemies, starting with her sister, Pride.

When the Legions were driven off Wiley's World, Wrath relocated to the Abandon system. Her first action in system was to take over a small hidden asteroid depot; one of Sierra Foxtrot's. More amused than angry at her arrogance, Sierra Foxtrot sent a Mark II Assault Fiend to negotiate terms rather than destroying her. Using Reason as her proxy, Wrath agreed to serve as a vassal of sorts. She was required to serve in specific short term actions for the Overlord as the price for her trespass.

Currently she is situated on Abandon although her exact motives and whereabouts are unknown.


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