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Thinking of rulebook or group types
« on: March 22, 2013, 11:39:56 AM »
Sorry if the title doesn't make sense but here it is in more detail.

I like the rules and the many suggested changes I have seen but

I was wondering if maybe besides having the basic introduction rules, the box set rules and the table top rules if we could break it down into slightly different groups.

Basic introduction rules
Box set rules
Hero/skirmish box set rules (a more personal kind of campaign addition of rules)
Table top rules
Campaign table top rules
Hero/skirmish table top rules (a more personal kind of campaign addition of the rules)
Planet Break though rules (larger than table top and though in support of campaign rules, a separate mini game in it's self.)

The Hero/skirmish rules would go into extra detail about the figures that you command. You name them, keep track of ammo, hits (wounds, maiming and deaths), kills (of what you killed), experience/promotion/demotion/etc and more.
The idea is to expand the campaign concept to make it more personal and exciting. An invested interest of sorts.

This would be the same for the Large Campaign style and be very similar. Here the idea would be a squad or company that is your core group of heroes. You would still be able to add other assets to the group on a per battle basis but the core group is the group.

The Planet Break through game would be of a higher strategic level and here you play out the space to planet battle, ie do you get your troops on the ground for the fight. It would be a mini game in the sense that you could play it by it's self but would be placed as part of the large campaign style game.

In the Planet Break through, there would easy to hard to almost impossible scenarios. You would assign your troops to specific assault/landing craft and you must get them through. As part of the larger campaign game, if you loose that craft you loose those troops. At this level it would be played by the hard core type campaign gamers. That is one of the reasons I listed it as last.
Not all craft have to be destroyed in the fight. some could be damaged and make crash landings, some could be thrown off course and land at the wrong LZ or complete off track and have to make a set down or be destroyed.

In my mind's eye I see the development of the rules in priority as follows

1 Box Set Rules and Table top rules
2 Basic introduction rules
3 Campaign rules for both Box Set and Table top
4 Hero/skirmish box set rules
5 Hero/skirmish table top rules
6 Planet Break though rules

I believe that both box and table top rules should be developed  at the same time so that they are consistent and balanced.
Then once the rules are done, create the basic intro rules
Campaign rules should follow in development (will allow for longer play testing)
Then the extra Hero/skirmish rule sets, this one could be flexible as whether box or table top is made first, depending on which is more popular with the players
Then the Planet Break through rules. These are last because I do not see a large amount of players who would be interested in these rules.

Now, your turn for your thoughts. :)

Dave Chase
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Re: Thinking of rulebook or group types
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2013, 07:06:26 PM »
essentially space hulk, necromunda and 40K. :)

I like the idea of campaign rules... it was one of the things that I loved about WHFB to Mordheim

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Re: Thinking of rulebook or group types
« Reply #2 on: March 26, 2013, 07:01:39 AM »
Yeah, Mordheim was a cool system....I like the idea of charakterbuilding possibilities in a miniature game. But I would keep them in LoS on a very light level , perhaps a mix of Mordheim and the  SteveJacksons "Frag" rules.
The Idea for strategic invasions/planet break through is a must,imo. I liked the Demonworld/Empire or FoW/Firestorm systems, warhammer gots its own as well. Here too, I think they mustnĀ“t be too complicated. this should be a simple "boardgame" like a mix of chess and risk with a few options, to leave the time and focus on playing the invasions drops following corridor or surface battles.