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Azaraim Ancestral Wisdom
« on: May 11, 2011, 01:05:06 PM »
>Intruder alert.  Breach of tomb seals detected.
>Automated defense networks activated.
>Intruder identified.  Welcome, Sairraith.  Have you come to seek communion with the spirit of your Primogen?
>And what do you offer her in return for such advice? 
>Blood offering accepted, initiating DNA analysis...
>De-coding DNA Structure...please wait
>DNA Structure de-coded, accessing DNA databank...please wait
>Cross-referencing databank...DNA structure verified...please be patient while we re-construct your Primogen...
>Primogen memory construct complete.  Communion initiated. 

Have so many years passed, already, that yet another of my progeny seeks my teachings?  You are wise to have come to me, but more than wisdom is required to survive you chosen path.  You must show compassion, for empathy is the glue that binds you to your troops.  You must show honor, for virtue makes war righteous.  You must show courage, for she that is valorous will never be stabbed in the back.  And you must show strength of spirit, for it is she with the greatest will that dominates the field of battle. 

Speak the ancient names of your weapons, and feel their essence flow through you, as an extension of your own will.

The Power and Might (Heavy Lance) is the song, and the Steel Raptor (Strass) is the dance.  Like your open hand the power and the might only destroys the weakest of your enemies.  But swept before you it pushes your enemies into supplication until your dance brings them before you.

Sudden Collision (Ovincarr CAW) is the pirouette, destroying your enemies as the dance brings you past them.  Spin as you ignite the collision, using your ATAS to launch it off of one arc, and then turning to launch it off of a second, destroying any survivors. 

Blood of the Rose (D-Sword) is song’s climax, crashing down on your supplicants in a crescendo of destruction.  The blood that blossoms from the rose’s strike is the most beautiful of images, and decorates your All Encompassing (Energy Field) with multiple petals.

But the Talon which you command is more powerful than your weapons alone.  So our prophet Zara spoke through the ages to me, and so I speak through the ages to you.  The most divine creation is the Tzoren spirit.  You already know from your psychic training that the Tzoren spirit is not many, but one.  Our minds are merely nodes through which we communicated, nodes to be dominated and commanded by she with the strongest will.  Your strength of will is the sinew that binds; the muscle that strikes.  Each mind under your command is one more weapon. 

The Aseth Drakkar is the point of your spear, thrust first against the enemy.  The most elite of Drakkar noblemen, the Aseth has proven his fealty, honor and strength time and time again, and desires nothing but to continue to prove himself in the crucible of combat.  Armed with Ashes to Ashes (disintigrator) the Aseth is able to destroy several opponents within 20 meters (10”) in mere seconds.  Or, in even closer combat, his Thorn in ones side (d-blade) can slice even well-armored opponents apart while he grapples with those who escape its point, locking them in place until his Seth comrades can tear them apart like jackals.

The Seth Drakkar support the Aseth; the are the spear’s shaft, capitalizing on the Aseth’s demoralizing assault and destroying any survivors of the Aseth’s fury.  The second Seth Drakkar eliminates those enemies best able to retaliate before they are able to react to the threat, while the third Seth Drakkar drops his parallax bomb to envelope the Triad within an impenetrable inertia field.

If the Aseth is your spear, the Takkar are your shield.  Their purpose is to find long fire lanes on your flanks and rear, take up stationary positions at the ends of those lanes, and prevent rogue enemies from flanking you.  Enveloped in their Defender of Might (Vann PBA) heavy armor, once in position they are difficult to displace.  They operate in teams, with the Takkar armed with Light Perforation (Lance) kneeling before his comrade armed with the Sower of Poison Seeds (Tarnak GL).  The Light Peforation suppresses a long fire-lane, while the Sower of Poison Seeds destroys enemies hiding behind a corner of the suppression preparing for an assault.

The final weapon you posess is that granted you by your divine ancestors and refined by your psychic teachors.  This is the Temporal Manipulation.  During the initial moments of a conflict, when you and your enemy are maneuvering toward each other, let your enemy take the initiative.  Lull him into complacancy until the very moment of contact, and then use your Temporal Manipulation (Command Points) to freeze time and sieze initiative for yourself.  Your weapons will fire twice before your enemy can even react.

Remember that reason and intuition are the enemy of combat.  A reasonable person would seek to avoid deadly conflict, and such a person would undoubtably fall to the weapons of she that savors it.  Put your faith, then, not in reason but in the mysticism of counter-intuition; the mysticism first voiced by our great Prophet Zara:

1)  Lead by example.  Although reason dictates that Commanders are more important than Martyrs, the strength of the psychic link that binds us is dependant on the example we set for those beneath us.  Your Steel Raptor armor is faster than that of your underlings, and your ATAS provides you an additional advantage within the mazes of machine complexes.  You should be first to race toward the foe, destroying any doors in your way with your d-sword, and thus opening a path for the Drakkar who follow.

2)  The safest place is within your enemy’s embrace.  If fired upon, rush toward, not away, from the firer.  Most weapons are too large to manipulate effectively in close combat, and you can easily dispatch such an enemy with your d-sword or blade.  This counter-intuitive is especially useful when you need to break an enemy line of suppression.  If possible, displace-throw a parallax bomb to land 6 meters (3”) from the suppressing enemy.  Then charge through the parallax bomb, keeping your assault shield before you.  The suppressing enemy will have great difficulty targeting you (-1 for not being on primary target square, -2 for parallax bomb) until you step out of the parallax bomb right in front of the suppressing enemy.  Here he will have just as difficult a time killing you, since you will be in Close Combat and most weapons capable of dangerous suppression are large and unwieldy.  You will have no trouble dispatching him with a d-blade or sword, however.

3)  The mind must separate from the body.  You, in your Steel Raptor armor, with your ATAS, need no support.  You must rush ahead of your Drakkar underlings, clear their path to the enemy, and then break through the enemy lines yourself.  As you perform the chaotic dance, your strikes on enemy positions will disrupt them, and force them to react to you, leaving their front lines open to the withering assault of the Drakkar.  The dance is one of fluid motion; you must never stand still, and remember that the pirouette and the climax are the dance’s most powerful elements.  Our enemies have compared the dance to a bird--to a chicken, in fact, attempting to belittle it.  They say that the dance is little more than “running around like a chicken”.  But remember that the great predator after whom your armor was named--the Raptor--was an ancestor of a bird; a wingless, featherless bird.

4)  Stay together.  Our enemies prefer to maintain their spacing, fearing the effects of grenades and explosives, for they are not blessed with the technological advantage of our wonderful Parallax bombs.  The Parallax bomb does not merely blind the opponent, but actually inhibits all weapons, including explosives.  For this reason your Triads should stick together so that they may all be protected by the effects of a single bomb.  It is often productive to split off a single Drakkar from a Triad during phases of maneuver; sometimes two corridors may lead to the same objective and taking separate paths eliminates the problems of getting in each other’s way.  But when such a Drakkar is split off, their timing must be carefully scrutinized so that all members of the Triad make enemy contact at roughly the same time.

Bless you my daughter, and may you return for more advanced training after you have proven yourself in your first combat.